We will give you and your lover a special vacation treat to the city of Singapore. A country regarded as an island, city, state and a nation. Singapore is also judged by many as one of the favorite places in the world to visit for Christmas and New Year Vacations.

Singapore is a true wonderland and you should holiday there in December 2023! ❤️❤️❤️

– Christmas or New Year? The choice is now yours to make!

If you love nature.

If you love beauty.

If you love a prosperous society that functions, represents class and has lots of attractions to see.

If you love to spend your Christmas and or New Year Vacation in an incredible destination that will make the people around chant “awwwn God, when?”…

If you love mouth-opening wonders and holiday destinations that will leave you speechless and smiling and excited all year round,

Then, this trip is for you.

During this getaway, you will have a world-class experience exploring;

●     One of the world’s greenest cities

●     Adrenaline pumping activities like Cable Car Ride and a Ride on the Wings of Time

●     Never ending excitement from Sky Helix and Skyline Luge Ride

●     The much raved about Madame Tussauds Entry Ticket + Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride + Images of Singapore + Marvel Universe 4D + Ultimate Film Star Experience

●     The only feel that can be gotten from just one place in the world; Gardens by the Bay

●     The world’s number 1 Wonderland; called the Universal Studio. This place will leave you totally speechless. It will make you wonder if it was created by humans or some spirits. I promise you!.

●     An unforgettable 5 Course Christmas Dinner on a Cruise with an ambience that’s simply unimaginable.

●     The thrill of making a world-class perfume by yourself and return home with 30ML of your own signature perfume. Only you will own it!


This experience will change your entire perspective about traveling and vacationing especially in this season of Christmas and Near Year Celebration. It holds the thrills that you want exactly how you’d like it and a lot more. Words can’t completely describe how this experience will make you feel when you return from this vacation.

So, all I can say to you is

This holiday experience to Singapore will be “better experienced than imagined”. So, come along with us on this trip. Click the call us now button on your screen to book your slot now or you will have no slot if you delay just a bit.

What’s Included

Exclusive Christmas Dinner Cruise – 5 Course Dinner!

Luxury Hotel Accommodation

Daily Buffet Breakfast

All Transportation (to and fro hotels) for Tours

Singapore e-Visa

Return Airport Transfers

All Tours, Activities & Experiences listed above

Now, you see it is a complete package. You do not want to miss this opportunity.

And what’s more?

With the options available, you can make the trip at your convenience – Christmas or New Year vacation.

You are probably wondering how much this will cost. You are wondering it could be costing you 10m because of the inclusions but hey, it won’t even cost you a quarter of that. We’ve made some remarkable deals to ensure you don’t break the bank to experience this luxury at its peak.

For Christmas Vacation

Single Occupancy: $1,580

Couple: $2,115 (that is $1,057.05 each for any two persons traveling together and will share a hotel room).

Date: 23rd to 29th December 2023

Here’s your chance to “do” Christmas in the enchanting city of Singapore.

For New Year Vacation

Single Occupancy: $1,600

Couple: $2,205 (that is $1,102.5 each for any two persons traveling together and will share a hotel room).

Date: 29th December 2023 to 6th January 2024

With this, you can say “Happy New Year” all the way from Singapore!

March 2023 Singapore
If you really want this, you can book it now. But there’s a little problem.

And that is the fact that this getaway is available to 5 couples (that is 10 persons) ONLY. And once we fill up the spaces available, we will NOT be able to take your booking

And please, be aware that only a minimum initial deposit of ₦1,000,000 payment validates your reservation

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