You Deserve to be Pampered, so Join Us on this Getaway to Rwanda

Kigali | Gisenyi | Kivu | Musanze

About This Trip

Let’s be honest. This year has been a very long one with so many things happening all at the same time.

We did not expect many of these things but they happened, anyway.

And if you are like me, you wanted to really take care of yourself this year better than you did last year and even put yourself first all through the year.

But all of the events made you slack in some ways on this your resolve.

Not to worry, here’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for to give yourself that special treat.

But Why Rwanda?

Will I Really Enjoy Rwanda?

You will not only enjoy Rwanda. You will love every bit of Rwanda from the moment we land at their airport till we leave the country. You will wish you had more time to spend in Rwanda at the end of this trip. Below are a few things about Rwanda you probably didn’t know.

  • 1. Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, is ranked the safest. It is also ranked the safest city in Africa. I dare say that this extends to its other cities and towns. I’ve personally experienced its cleanness and safety.
  • 2. Rwanda has a landscape and scenery that can only be compared to that of Switzerland. So, this trip gives you a feel of Switzerland without all the expenditures and hassles that Switzerland visas require 😊
  • 3. The streets and roads in Rwanda have speed cameras with at least one camera per kilometer. If a car exceeds the speed limit of a street/road, a camera flashes the number plate. This happens for as many times the car speeds past a camera. At the end of the day, a message is sent to the car owner with video proof of the offense, the fine amount, the office to pay to and the deadline for payment which is usually 3 days from offense date. Failure to comply will result in impoundment of the car or going to jail. Imagine Rwanda ooo 😊
    • 4. There’s no police harassment. In fact, you will never see a number of police officers clustered on a road or harassing road users. Never!
    • 5. Rwanda has intriguing tour sites and activities.
    • 6. Visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial will make you feel like you lived in Rwanda during the Genocide. It will leave your eyes wet for the pains the people went through but will also put a smile on your face for the unity, prosperity and development the country has witnessed just within a short time after the genocide.
  • 7. The historic Hotel Rwanda (also known as Hôtel des Mille Collines)
  • 8. Natural Hot Spring whose water is heated to between 700C and 750 C Immersing myself in that water followed by a local massage is the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. No spa experience compares to this!
  • 9. Investment Opportunities abound in Rwanda. And the government officials makes it pretty easy for everyone to access information and assistance for free and on the spot. So, whether you are a big time investor or you are just starting out investing, Rwanda is a good place for you.)
  • 10. Rwanda boasts of some really attractive and lush sites and activities that tourists, regardless of where they come from, marvel and enjoy the entire holiday.
  • 11. Kigali is a city that is entirely green! It even offers a lot of cool spots where it calls the FREE ZONEs. In these zone, anything that has a combustion engine, like cars, bikes, etc are not allowed in. You just go to the heavenly-looking place to chill, breathe in air that is fresher than fresh, use free Wifi and if you are with your spouse, it is even better because it doubles as a love garden 😊 That’s one of the places I love to wrap up my day when I am in Kigali.

There’s so so much to say about Rwanda but I do not want to bore you. The story of a holiday in Rwanda can never be completely described by words. The memories bring laughter, smiles and a sense of fulfilment. This is the same thing everyone we know who has visited Rwanda says.

Now, it’s your turn to feel and say the same thing.

Join us on this holiday experience to Rwanda this New Year.


 Enjoy Rwanda

We’ve put together a wholesome experience that will leave you wondering if Ehis Travels team just opened their eyes wild to allow you get all these for low…

What’s Included

SightSeeing Highlights

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Kigali City Tour

Kandt House Museum

Mpenge Waterfall

Garden and Beachfront View

What’s Included

Travel Highlights

Hotel Accommodation in 2 Cities

Round Trip Flight Tickets

Daily Breakfast

Zip Lining

Boat Cruise

Free Visa on Arrival

Garden and Beachfront View

Kivu Signature Local Massage and Mud Bath

Return Airport Transfers

…and lots more!

Many companies sell barely 15% of this experience for the same amount we are giving you all of these and more for.

Why are we doing this?

We want you to enjoy every bit of this holiday and have zero dull moment crossing over into the new year. We want you to return home and feel you cheated us. Yes, we are giving you the permission to cheat us on this trip!

We want you to visit Rwanda and see it all.

So, for just ₦745,000 (₦695,000 if you make payment on or before 11th December), you will be on this trip if you are a single traveler.

And if you are a couple or a person with a travel buddy, you only pay ₦1,360,000 (₦1,260,000 if you make payment on or before 11th December. This comes down to ₦630,000 per person for any two persons traveling together on this trip).

Even more, you can get off a whopping ₦25,000 per person discount if you make a minimum initial deposit of ₦200,000 per person traveling on or before Tuesday 13th December 2022…and take until Wednesday 7th December to pay the balance…

…and ₦50,000 discount per person if you make a complete payment on or before Tuesday 13th December 2022.


The only problem here is that we have just 10 slots available for this trip and we are confident that we will sell out fast. So, you will only get an opportunity to be on this trip if you make your booking really fast, even NOW.

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