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Discover Serenity, Charm and Premium Enjoyment with our All-Inclusive Package❤️❤️❤️


2nd - 9th November, 2023


₦2,663,000 /person

Kauai, Hawaii: The Perfect Destination for a Romantic Honeymoon 2023

An unforgettable experience awaits you on this 6-day tour!


Oct. 26th - Nov. 1st, 2023


₦1,630,500 /person

Experience the Magic of a Family Christmas in Zanzibar - 5 Must-Visit Attractions!

We Will Give You A Treat of a Lifetime That Leaves You Refreshed For A Long Time to Come.


Sept 25th - Oct 1st, 2023.


₦1,665,000 /person

Explore, laugh, chill, be taken care of, and see a totally different world for less than the price of most smart TVs.


Aug - Oct / Nov - Dec


# /person

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