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Singapore Experience

Get a once In a life-time treat to a land of wonders

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Visit Rwanda!

Experience Adventure, Culture and Relaxation with our All-Inclusive Package❤️❤️❤️

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Travel to Maldives

Discover Serenity, Charm and Premium Enjoyment with our All-Inclusive Package❤️❤️❤️

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Visit South Africa

An exciting adventure that combines culture, history, and nature, that is perfectly packaged for you.

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Holiday in Zanzibar

We Will Give You A Treat of a Lifetime That Leaves You Refreshed For A Long Time to Come.

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From $1,678.00
20 People
6 Days 5 Nights
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Join us on an exclusive 5-night journey to Rwanda, where you'll discover the beauty, culture, and adventure of this incredible country!
From $2,835.00
20 People
6 Days 5 Nights
Fully Booked !
Get a signature luxury vacation experience with our exclusive Maldives getaway package.
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Connection, Adventure,
with the world
around you.

At Ehis Travels, we pride in the fact that every of our tour package is designed to allow our clients immerse themselves in the beauty, adventure and the joy of the tour from the moment they board the first airplane. This will be your experience, too.

To achieving this, we only pick hotels we know and can tell of their cleanness, attention to serving the needs of their guests, safe to stay and have polite staff members who will do anything to ensure that each holiday is pleasurable for you, our dear clients.
We also focus on the quality of activities that will make the entire holiday a blast for our clients.

Unlike many other travel agencies, we do not organize a tour in places we do not know. We just do not go to the web to search for possible places to send people to.

Every Journey Has A Story

Some Exciting Places We’ve Been In Recent Times. 😊

Our Afilliations

A memmorable journey with
creativity and culture
customize your own package

Insight for what’s in sight. See, feel and experience cities all around the world just the way they are. Be the traveller you always wanted to be. All we do is to make that happen for you.

Tourist and adventurers choose us over the rest because what we offer during your travel is not just a journey but an exhilarating experience that you will serve as one of your most memorable time of your life.

Let us get it done for you

Sort out every travelers headache before you embark on your journey, leaving no stone un-turned and experience hitch free holidays.

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Honeymoon Tours and Vacation

Latest Adventure Stories

From latest news to every story from our first hand experiences, learn more about the passion that powers every expedition that we want for you. 😊

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