About Us

Our Story

Who We Are

Ehis Travels is a travel advisory and tours company started in January of this year by our CEO, Ehis Nath.

We are a client-centric travels and tours company founded on the principle of helping to create memories that are simply unforgettable for our clients. This we do by providing unrivalled customer service to our clients from their first contact with us to long after the travel package is completely delivered. We just never stop caring.

At Ehis Travels, customer is truly KING.

We treat customers with so much delight and speed even when it makes us go more than 10 extra miles.

Our Vision

To become the leading travel and tours brand of African origin.

Our Mission

To help people and organizations create unforgettable memories by curating amazing, adventurous and life enhancing travel and tours experiences that resonates with their very being and needs.

We listen so actively to understand the personality and needs of our clients and this informs the exceptional advice and experiences we create for the individual client with excellence.

Our Values

– Integrity

– Reliability

– Excellence

– Customer Satisfaction

– Empathy

The Tour Team

Ehis Nath

C.E.O & Chief Tour Coordinator


Social Media Marketing / Graphic Designer

Nonso Andre

Technology Officer

Precious Ezunu

Travel Operations

Buchi Ukaigwe

Web Designer/Developer

Ruth Okoro

Customer care

What Is The Core Idea Behind/For Ehis Travels?

My goal for launching Ehis Travels is to help prospective travelers (tourists especially) get the most out of their holidays by ensuring that we only send tourists to places we have been; to places we know and can vouch for.

To achieving this, we only pick hotels we know and can tell of their cleanness, attention to serving the needs of their guests, safe to stay and have polite staff members who will do anything to ensure that each holiday is pleasurable for you, our dear clients.

We also focus on the quality of activities that will make the entire holiday a blast for our clients.

The reason we only send tourists to places we have been, especially with group tours, as long as it is not a custom request, is so we can help the tourist prepare for a breathtaking experience and enjoy every bit of the holiday from the moment the flight takes off from Nigeria.

You can only truly respond correctly to questions whose answers you truly know. A wise man once said “if you think you know China, then go to China. Only then will you truly know China.”

Unlike many other travel agencies, we do not organize a tour in places we do not know. We just do not go to the web to search for possible places to send people to.

When we find a country or city that looks a good fit to send our esteem tourists to, we make our research and make a plan of a possible itinerary and then, visit the country/city to see all the facilities and activities we had seen online. If it makes sense, only then can we open an offer to our esteemed tourist. But if it does not make sense, then we do not bother creating an offer.

So, we bring in a unique blend of our quest for gratifying adventures, travel experiences, wild hunger for tour activities and the never-fading memories we create every time to bear in our offerings and this gives us a place in the heart of our dear clients.