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Becoming an Ehis Travels marketing partner will earn you the right to promote every of our tour package for a 4% commission from the first sale made from every of your successful referral.

Once you are admitted, we provide you a marketing kit that helps you get started promoting our offers almost immediately. The kit includes your unique referral code, personalized graphics for every tour package, and ad copies you can use.

Below are the steps you will need to take to become our Marketing Partner at Ehis Travels.


Fill the form on the next page with your accurate details.


After a review of your submitted information, if we find you fit, one of our representatives will call you within 2 work days of your application to give you further information and schedule you for an interview.


You will be required to take an interview and verification meetup. The purpose of this is to ensure you are an ideal fit for this partnership and to confirm your identity.


If you are successful at the interview stage, you will be approved and welcome into our Marketing Partnership fold.


Upon approval, one of our representatives will onboard you to our Marketing Partnership, and you will be provided the marketing kit for any ongoing tour offer campaign.

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