Terms of Service

1. Filling the Partners registration form on the next page means you accept to be bound by the following terms.

2. As a partner, you will be notified of all our tour packages.

3. You will only sell our tour packages as is. That is, you cannot make false claims nor include what we have not included in a tour plan.

4. You cannot set your own price for any of our packages.

5. You cannot collect money from anyone on our behalf for a tour package or anything else. For payments, only our staff are mandated to collect monies through the company’s account. The account name must be that of Ehis Nath Marketing Services. Do not make payment into any personal accounts whether it be to our staff member or not. Ehis Travels should not be liable for any payment made into an account that does not belong to Ehis Travels and or Ehis Nath Marketing Services.

6. Payouts for a tour package is made within 3 business days after the particular tour ends. For example, if you promote a tour that runs from June 21st to June 26th and make sales for it, your commissions for this tour package will be paid within the next 3 business days after 26th which will be between Monday 27th and end of Wednesday 29th June. Weekends are not included.

7. All marketing communications must be done with 100% honesty.

8. Do not provide answers to questions you do not really know. Instead, refer the prospect to our support desk or ask us in the partners’ forum.

9. You are free to market on any platform you like as long as it is not a fraudulent platform.

10. Promoting our offers on a fraudulent platform or in a fraudulent manner will earn you an immediate dismissal from our program and a possible prosecution according to the laws of the land.

11. By becoming our partner, you give us consent to add you to our partners’ email list as well as our WhatsApp group for Partners.

Ps: If you haven’t learned how to become a partner with Ehis Travels yet, start here