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Revealing Top 5 Ways To Save You Money On Your Next Travel

In this article, I will show you 5 secret tips that will save you money on your next travel. And as a bonus point before you get into the 5 secret tips that will save you money on your next travel, you will learn how you could make the trip even more fun-filled and luxurous at no extra cost to you.

Hey darling travelers, did you know you could save as much as $2,000 when traveling? And that it does not matter the purpose of business, you really could save some money?

I doubt you do.

So, in this post, I will reveal to you some really smart ways to cut your expenses and still have the quality of experience that you desire. In some cases, even more than you could actually afford.

Yes, almost no one talks about these tips.

Tip 1: Get A 4 or 5 Star Hotel Accommodation For Free As A Complimentary Service

There’s someone right here willing to offer you a luxury hotel accommodation absolutely free of cost.

Yes, you read that right.

We’ve made a very unique investment at Ehis Travels that allows us to give 4 and 5 star hotel accommodations to our esteemed clients.

Now, imagine where you’d ordinarily pay about $1,800 (excluding taxes and fees) for a 3 Nights / 4 Days stay at a 5 star hotel Las Vegas and with Ehis Travels, you are getting a waiver for the entire 3 Nights / Days stay so that you only have to pay the taxes and fees which are typically below $100!

With this, we’ll literally save you money on your next travel up to the tune of $1,800 and sometimes, even more.

How cool is that?

This is not even the main gist. So, keep reading…and I will tell you more somewhere in a bit…

The interesting thing is that we have these luxury destinations scattered around the world and so, chances are that we’ve got something amazing for you in a city you are traveling to soon.

From London to New York, to Las Vegas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Singapore, Ontario, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Waikiki, many cities in Canada and Australia, Rio De Janeiro, Vienna, Japan, Caribbean and lots more places in many other countries including our very own Cape Town in South Africa.

Yes, we give our clients these and more as our way of saying thank you to them when they use our services such as Booking International Flight Tickets with us, Allowing us Handle Their Visa Applications, Advisory and Processing, Our Study Abroad and Japa Services, etc.This is one of our little ways of helping  save you money on your next travel.

You too can be a proud beneficiary of this too! Contact us right now to use our service.

And the best thing is; our gift certificates are valid for 18 whole months from the date of issue. So, you have enough time to use it. That is, we can save you money today on your next travel even you will undertake the trip in January 2025!

It’s that simple. Send a message to us or call now. 08106486142

Tip 2: Don’t Book Your Flights By Yourself

I know this sounds crazy in a world where everyone has a smartphone and can jump right on to an airline’s website and boom, a flight ticket is purchased.

But why pay the full price when you can save anywhere between N10,000 and N100,000 off the price of the same air ticket?

“Abi Nigeria matter never reach where you dey?”

Now you may be screaming, wondering, how on earth can someone get a discount off the price of an air ticket. Who will help save you money on your next travel? No worries, we’ve got your back!

The answer to your question is simple.

Ehis Travels has a sort of partnership access to the inventories of nearly 20 airlines – maybe more at the time you’ll be reading this.

And with this access comes special pricing deals, discounts and commissions.

As a company that supports its clients to have better travel experiences at a reduced cost, we share these perks with you in the form of a discount. Yes, we are this generous to our clients.

…because if Ehis Travels does not save you money on your next travel, who else will? None else!

And so, if you are still on the fence about whether to patronize us, this is your moment of decision. Shoot us a message and take the first travel perk of your life!

Well, let’s move on to tip number 3. But we will be back to this shortly.

It’s just that simple. Send a message to us or call now. 08106486142

Tip 3: Save on Classy Meals

From time to time, we gift our clients gift cards to have meals are classy restaurants around the world.

So, if you are looking to dine and wine at a picturesque restaurant worthy of pictures and videos for the gram and tiktok during your next trip without breaking the bank, then we may have something suitable for you.

You only need to book your flight with us or apply for your visa through us and we’ll give you the gift card at zero cost to you.

It’s just this simple. Send a message to us now. 08106486142. Our commitment to save you money on your next travel is solid.

Tip 4: Get A Valid Travel Insurance For Free

Frequent travelers like me 🙂 know how expensive paying for healthcare out of pocket can be as a visitor to many countries.

This is why travel insurance is a no-brainer for those who travel often and have fallen sick on one or more occasions. If you have never considered getting one, consider getting it as a way to save you money on your next travel should you fall ill during your trip.

But rather than buy a travel health insurance package out of pocket, you could just get it for free as a complimentary value for booking your international flight ticket with us at Ehis Travels.

This is one of our little ways to save you money on your next travel.

It’s that simple. Send a message to us now. 08106486142

Tip 5: Know The Entry Requirements

This may seem obvious and you may think it has nothing to do with saving on travel expenses. But I will help you understand this with a story.

James and Innocent are friends and had planned to visit Mauritius together.

However, they choose different routes to get there.

James wanted to save cost and decided to book the trip by himself. That sounded wise since Mauritius offers Nigerian Passport Holders Visa on Arrival for free. You are probably like James think you know how to save you money on your next travel by doing it your way! But read on to learn more

Whereas, Innocent, who did not want the stress of planning a trip and also did not want any disappointment opted to hand the planning and booking of his holiday components to Ehis Travels…the guys who create unforgettable memories for their clients at a moment’s call.

A week to the take-off, everything was all set for them both.

As you’d expect, James stroked Innocent at every given opportunity for hanging his hard-earned money to a travel agency he met on social media, whose office he had never visited.

Now, it was the day of take-off. They got to the airport at 3PM for an 11PM flight!

Talk of first time travelers who didn’t want to miss their flight for anything! And well, with the craziness of MMA, who would blame them?

It was check-in time and they got through it.

And soon it was immigration, passport control and the rest of the security protocols.

Dudes were asked for some extra requirements.

Innocent immediately called us. It took a while to resolve this and quite frankly, I was apprehensive because I couldn’t imagine him missing that flight after spending over 3m on his 14 days holiday package!

We did resolve it, finally. And he flew.

About James?

Well, the agbaya hotel he booked did not take his calls! 🙂 It was midnight there and it seems the receptionist was sleeping. What?

He went cheap based on pricing. He thought you could save you money on your next travel by going cheap but no…

We went for affordable prices based on our experiences with various properties. Yea, Ehis Travels knows the world.

Bottom line, he had to return home because he was not allowed to board.

And guess what? He had to pay no show fees to the airline to reuse his ticket at another time, paid the fare difference when he got the document, paid change fee on his local flight to return from Lagos to his city and then, bought a round trip local ticket again after he got the document.

And funnily enough, what he initially paid was just slightly under what Innocent paid us to take all the headaches away from him and took the panadol on his behalf.

And with the unneccessary extra costs, James spent several hundreds of thousands (nearly a million naira extra, actually) than Innocent paid us to get less than the value of experiences Innocent had with our knowledge and experience – based booking made for Innocent.

On top of that, James had so much inconvenience with so much back and forth that no one should experience.

If you are like James, I believe this story has taught you a massive lesson to lean on our experience, knowledge and industry relationships to help you plan your next vacation and save you money on your next travel.

Don’t be like James. Be like Innocent and we will help you save money on your next travel.

Before it gets too lengthy, I will stop here for now.

But if any of the points resonates with you, then you should reach out to us right now to make your booking whether it be for flights, hotels, visas or an entire holiday package.

Our Contact Details;

WhatsApp / Phone Calls: 08106486142
Email: hello@ehistravels.com
FB DM: @ehistravels
IG DM: @ehistravels
Office Address: Thompson Estate, 22 Woji Road, by Genesis Castle, Rumurolu, Port Harcourt.

Don’t say I have not given you information ooo. Reach out now let’s start helping you save money on your travel – and I mean we will help you save big money on your next travel.

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