Unlocking Opportunities: A Comprehensive Guide to Qatar Freelance Residence Work Visa

By: Ehis Travels

Exploring Qatar Freelance Work Visa: Your Gateway to Endless Opportunities in Qatar

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to Qatar and unlock new possibilities? Look no further than the Qatar Freelance Work Visa. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of this visa, its benefits, requirements, and how it can open doors to a world of opportunities. Whether you dream of working, doing business, or both in Qatar, this visa offers you the flexibility and freedom to pursue your aspirations. Let’s dive in!

The Qatar Freelance Work Visa is Affordable and Available

The Qatar Freelance Work Visa is not only accessible but also cost-effective. With a processing period of just 2 – 10 working days, you can swiftly obtain your visa and begin your adventure in this vibrant country. The pricing structure is designed to accommodate both males and females, with rates set at ₦2,800,000 for males and ₦3,000,000 for females. It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change, so it’s best to stay updated.

Refund Policy

Will You Make Refund If My Qatar Freelance Work Visa Is Denied?

Yes, we will make you a refund in the unlikely event that your Qatar Freelance Work Visa is denied.


We make bold to say that if you do not get your Qatar Freelance Work Visa approved in a maximum of 10 working days, we will ask for your account details on the 11th work day and refund 100% of the money you would have paid to use back to you with an apology for wasting your time. So, you can rest at ease knowing that it is either you get this visa or you get your money back.

What Are the Requirements for Getting the Qatar Freelance Work Visa?

To kick-start your journey, you’ll need a scanned copy of your International Passport Data Page. This essential document is the key to unlocking the opportunities that Qatar has to offer through the Qatar Freelance Work Visa category.

Additionally, you will need to provide a clear shot of your passport photograph.

Residence Renewal and Flexibility

How Long Can I Reside in Qatar For Using the Freelance Work Visa?

Once you have obtained the Qatar Freelance Work Visa, you can reside and work in Qatar according to your desires – for as long as you want. However, you will also need to acquire a Qatar Residence Permit within 3 months of your arrival in Qatar. The residence permit requires annual renewal, allowing you to continue living in Qatar without any restrictions. Embrace the freedom to shape your career or business path at your own pace. You will find the cost of the residence permit renewal below.

Additional Support for Your Smooth Transition

At Ehis Travels Limited, we understand the importance of a seamless transition. That’s why we offer additional support to our clients to ensure their arrival in Qatar is hassle-free. Listed below are some optional services we assist our clients with to ensure they arrive and settle into Qatar without being stranded for a single day.

1. Shared Accommodation:

Upon your arrival, we can assist you in finding shared accommodation in Qatar. This option allows you to connect with fellow Nigerians who have already established themselves in the country. By sharing an apartment, you can benefit from their experience, guidance, and even access low-end job opportunities. It’s an excellent way to save money while preparing for your desired career path or business venture. Please note that the client is responsible for paying their rent, amounting to 500 Riyals or $140 per month on the average.

2. Medical and Fingerprint Procedures:

Navigating the medical and fingerprint procedures is a crucial step in the visa process. Our team will guide you through these requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. However, please be aware that the client is responsible for the payment of the medical fee directly to the Ministry of Interior. The cost for the medical and fingerprint capture is 150 Riyals (approximately $42), and the processing time typically takes one day. Our ground team in Qatar will be available to guide to the ministry.

3. Qatar ID/Resident Permit:

Obtaining your Qatar ID/Resident Permit is essential for your long-term stay in the country. Our team will handle the application process on your behalf. However, the client is responsible for paying the sum of 1500 Riyals (around $412) directly to the appropriate ministry. Please note that there is a grace period of 90 days for payment and obtaining the permit, which must be renewed annually. Failure to pay within this timeframe will result in a violation fine of 10 Riyals (around $3) per day, in addition to the initial amount, before the permit can be issued.

You may choose to make the payment by yourself to the appropriate office in Qatar. Our team on ground in Qatar will be delighted to guide you through the process at no extra cost.

4. Exclusions and Advantages of the Freelance Work Visa:

Unlike regular work visas, the Qatar Freelance Work Visa does not require a job offer. This flexibility empowers you to work with whomever you choose, change employers, or even pursue entrepreneurship. While menial jobs often serve as starting points, many Nigerians leverage the opportunity to save money and pursue certifications in their desired career paths. This strategic approach positions them for high-paying offers, and the cost of certifications can be quickly offset within 1-3 months of income.

5. Embrace the Opportunity:

Qatar offers a wealth of high-paying jobs, but certifications may be necessary to secure them. If you already have sufficient funds and a clear career goal, you can begin your certification programs upon arrival. This proactive approach allows you to position yourself for lucrative job opportunities in no time.

Contact Ehis Travels Limited to Get Your Qatar Freelance Visa at Easy:

Ready to embark on your Qatar Freelance Work Visa journey? Contact Ehis Travels Limited, your trusted visa expert. Our address is Thompson Estate, 22 Woji Road, By Genesis Castle, Rumurolu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. You can reach us at 08106486142 or 008137807072, or email us at hello@ehistravels.com.


With the Qatar Freelance Work Visa, you can unlock a world of opportunities in Qatar. Enjoy the freedom to work, do business, or pursue both while benefiting from the flexibility and support offered by Ehis Travels Limited. Start your journey today and embark on a path to success and fulfillment in Qatar.

There you have it. BUt there’s just one thing that could hold you back. The quota given to Nigerian Passport Holders for this Qatar Freelance Work Visa is getting really filled up and may fill up any moment from now.

And once they fill up, the Qatari Authorities will stop issuing the Qatar Freelance Work Visa to Nigerians who hold the Nigerian Passport. And once that happens, there is nothing you or anyone can do about it.

While the opportunity to get this Qatar Freelance Visa is still available, take advantage of it today without delay. You can reach us at 08106486142 or 08137807072, or email us at hello@ehistravels.com today to get your process started.


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