Christmas in Ghana: 6 Incredible Things To Do With Your Family

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Ghana has a rich culture, so it’s no wonder that Christmas celebrations here keep the original essence of the season without the commercialism that may be seen in other areas of the world.

Christmas in Ghana is a rather low-key occasion, centred on Christian tradition, family reunions, and the sharing of kindness, asides from a few festively-dressed trees in and near large malls and seasonal songs on the radio.

In Ghana, Christmas preparations begin during Advent, the many weeks preceding Christmas Day, and culminate in a huge celebration on December 25th. 

Here are the places you should visit when planning a Christmas trip to Ghana.


Cape Coast Castle

Christmas in Ghana: 6 Incredible Things To Do With Your Family

Aerial view of Cape Coast Castle. Source


The majestic, whitewashed castle of Cape Coast is a beautiful place to see this festive season,  with is breath-taking seaside. It was formerly one of the most significant slave-holding places in the world, and it gives a terrifying glimpse into the intricacies of the trade. 

Staff provide hour-long excursions into the dark, damp cells where slaves languished for two to twelve weeks, considering whispers that only hinted at their fate. A tour of the dungeons stands in stark contrast to the governor’s bedroom, which has floor-to-ceiling windows and breathtaking ocean views.

On the first level, there’s also an amazing museum that covers Ghana’s history, the slave trade, and Akan culture.

The fortress was built by the Dutch in 1637 and enlarged by the Swedes in 1652. It changed hands five times in the 13 turbulent years that followed until it was seized by the British in 1664.

During the 200 years of British control, it served as the colonial administration’s headquarters until Accra was named the new capital in 1877.


Independence Square

Christmas in Ghana: 6 Incredible Things To Do With Your Family

Aerial View of Independence Square. Source


Independence Square, often known as Black Star Square, is a wide, vacant expanse of concrete overshadowed by Stalinesque spectator stands. 

The area is dominated by a massive McDonald’s-style arch behind which Kwame Nkrumah’s Eternal Flame of African Liberation still flickers. Except for rare occasions, it is mostly unoccupied throughout the year. Super churches are occasionally granted permission to preach here. The Independence Arch is located across the street. During this Christmas season you would get to see the beautiful decor that would be used at the Independence square to give you a sense of the festivity. 


Kwame Nkrumah Park and Mausoleum

Christmas in Ghana: 6 Incredible Things To Do With Your Family

Kwame Nkrumah Park and Mausoleum. Source


This peaceful park is filled with bronze sculptures, fountains, and roaming peacocks, with the tomb of Ghana’s first leader, Kwame Nkrumah, at its core. It’s a decent enough spot to walk about, although the park museum is a little scruffy. 

It holds an exceptional collection of Nkrumah’s personal things, including the smock he wore while announcing Ghana’s independence, as well as copies of personal letters and several photographs of him and other international leaders.

You can find a gift shop on the premises, where you can buy memorabilia for you and your family this Christmas season.


Labadi Beach

Christmas in Ghana: 6 Incredible Things To Do With Your Family

Labadi Beach. Source.


People go to Accra’s most popular beach on weekends to play beach sports, revel in the waves, go horseback riding down the sand, or party to loud dance music in the clubs and restaurants that line the waterfront. A lot of events are going to held at the beach this Christmas so get ready to have a time of your life.

Naturally, if you want a more tranquil experience, come on a weekday after the festives are over but right now we are all about the fun. Labadi is located around 8 kilometres east of Accra; to get there, take a tro-tro (minibus) from Nkrumah Circle in Central Accra or along the Ring Rd.

You’ll witness the most beautiful sunset here, where the sun meets the ocean, its really a site to behold.


Makola Market

Christmas in Ghana: 6 Incredible Things To Do With Your Family

Makola Market. Source


This is located in the Busines District of Accra. The Makola Market has no front entrance or welcome sign. You’ve been drawn in by the human undertow from the customary pavements jammed with sellers advertising food, secondhand clothing, and shoes to the market itself before you realise it.

If you are interested in getting the wonderful fabrics made in Ghana this is the place to be from ATL to Woodin and to the famous Kente material worn by Ghanaians on Special occasions. Getting a beautiful fabric from this market for your loved ones back at home for a gift should be on your bucketlist.


Kakum National Park


Christmas in Ghana: 6 Incredible Things To Do With Your Family

Kakum National Park Canopy walk. Source


Thanks to a network of perilously suspended suspension bridges, the Kakum Canopy Walk allows walkers to explore a region of the forest often reserved for climbers and flyers.

The canopy walk, which is located in the dense tropical bush of Kakum National Park, was developed by a couple of Canadian engineers and five Ghanaians. 

The designers intended to build a unique feature that would make the park a destination in order to enhance tourism (particularly ecotourism) in the mostly overlooked national park, therefore an elevated route through the canopy was designed. 

The canopy walkway, which debuted on Earth Day in 1995, is made up of seven distinct bridges that swing from the trees over 130 feet above the ground and about 350 meters long.

The bridges appear to be fashioned like a traditional rope bridge made from forest materials across over 1,000 feet of pathway, but the durable spans are composed of wire rope, aluminium, and hardwood planks, and even feature safety netting to protect people from falling off the route.


Ghana is a beautiful country with a rich culture and lovely people. If you are looking for an incredible place to spend Christmas with your family, Ghana is the perfect place. There are so many amazing things to do there, from visiting the Cape Coast Castle to exploring the rainforest.

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