Namibia: Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

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The word “Namibia” may bring to mind desert landscapes and the wildlife that inhabits them. These images are indeed beautiful, but they don’t even begin to show you all there is to see in Namibia. This country has it all: immense natural beauty, unspoiled cultures, fascinating history and much more – a country well worth visiting.


The first reason to visit Namibia is its natural beauty. The country is home to some of Africa’s most pristine landscapes and several of the continent’s iconic endangered species, including black rhinos, lions and desert elephants. In fact, there are reportedly over 60 different types of plants native to Namibia alone! You can explore many of these magnificent sights on a self-drive holiday through Namibia or by booking your stay at one of our wonderful accommodation options.


Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Namibia.


Namibia Desert

Namibia:Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

The Namib Desert. Source


The world’s oldest desert. Welcome to the country of the world’s oldest desert, an extraordinarily distinctive ecosystem that runs from South Africa, down Namibia’s coast, and into Angola to the north. It also has one of the world’s highest dunes.Another beautiful panoramic spot to see is where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. The dunes continue perfectly into the lake, producing a breathtaking sight that can be found nowhere else on the planet.


The world’s most photographed Dune

Namibia:Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

Dune 45. Source


Have you ever heard of Dune 45? No? That’s OK, but Dune 45, located in the Sossusvlei region of Namibia, is the most photographed dune on the planet.

The dune is around 5 million years old and over 170 metres tall, equivalent to the Giza pyramids. As a tourist, you would be curious as to why Dune 45 has become so famous. This question is actually rather simple to answer. It is conveniently positioned near the highway. 


The Country Of Sunrises

Namibia:Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

Sunrise in Namibia


It is usually said that sunsets are very beautiful but not in the case of Namibia, the sunrise in this beautiful country is a wonder to behold. To witness this magnificent feat, you would need to wake up early enough to see it. 


The Himba tribe

Namibia:Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

The Himba Tribe. Source


The Himba are famous for their distinctive braided hair, which is dyed and sculpted using Otjize paste. The seminomadic tribe resides in Namibia’s Kunene Region, which is located in the north.

Clay in their hair shields them from the fierce sun. They also apply a specific butterfat and ochre combination to their skin to keep pests and mosquitoes at bay. It is also said to protect the skin from the scorching heat.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this had to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Seeing the dawn while looking out over the Namibian Desert was out of this world.


One of the few German Colonies

Namibia:Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

German Colonial building in Namibia. Source


Germany was never truly recognised as a colonial power in the same way that the British, Spanish, or Portuguese were. However, the Germans made some claims in Africa, particularly in Guinea, which is today known as Papua New Guinea. Namibia, also known as German South-West Africa, was among them.

German is still frequently used as a language today. Namibia still has around 30,000 individuals of German heritage, primarily in Swakopmund and Lüderitz. 

The German presence has impacted the country’s history, although colonial forces perpetrated atrocities against native tribes, for which the German government publicly apologised in 2004.


Lüderitz is a little piece of Germany in Africa.

Namibia:Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

Lüderitz Namibia. Source


As previously said, Namibia was a German colony, and no town can reject its origins more than Lüderitz. It was developed and founded by Germans, as the name implies.

The German architecture and tradition may be seen at Harbour Town, which is located south of Walvis Bay. The ‘Felsenkirche’ is particularly well-known due to its location on a mountain overlooking the majority of the town and the harbour. 

During the early nineteenth century diamond boom, the town was quite popular.


Skeleton Coast

Namibia:Mind-Blowing Reasons to Visit 2023

Ship wreck on Skeleton Coast. Source


Skeleton Coast is a spot you’d better avoid unless you’re on a tour. The natives refer to the area as “The land God Made In Anger”. If you become stuck there, your odds of survival are close to nothing.

The Namibian desert coast, which comprises the majority of the Atlantic Ocean’s shore, is known as the “Skeleton Coast.” Because of the severe water currents in this area, many shipwrecks may be located here. 

Because of the harsh desert circumstances, your odds of survival are nearly nil if you’re stuck here.




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