Zambia: The Perfect Destination for an Adventure 2023

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The pleasures of taking a trip to Zambia are those of discovering distant, captivating terrain as rich in wildlife variety as any other section of Southern Africa. 


Adventures here will take you deep into the jungle, where animals, both predators and prey, roam through unfenced camps, nighttime means trading stories over the fire, and the human footprint is non-existent. 


Where you may paddle along a wide, calm river one day and raft through the ferocious rapids near the world-famous Victoria Falls the next.


Despite being landlocked, Zambia is defined by three big rivers: the Kafue, the Luangwa, and the Zambezi, which define both its landscape and the rhythms of life for many of its people.


Zambia, on the other hand, is a logistical difficulty for independent travellers because of its enormous size, poor road network, and upmarket amenities. The lack of crowds means an even more enjoyable journey for those who do venture here.


Take a Trip to see the Devil’s Pool

Zambia: The Perfect Destination for an Adventure 2023

Devil’s Pool. Source.


The hair-raising voyage to Livingstone Island is one of the most exhilarating experiences in Africa, not only at the falls. Bathe in Devil’s Pool, nature’s greatest infinity pool located just on the brink of the Victoria Falls. 


You may jump into the pool and then peer over the side for a spectacular view of the 100m plunge. There is also a plaque commemorating the location where David Livingstone first saw the falls.


Livingstone Island can only be visited as part of a tour, and swimming at Devil’s Pool is only feasible during the dry months, which are normally from the middle of August to the middle of January.


Five boat cruises leave daily for Livingstone Island, from where you may swim to Devil’s Pools. When the water level is low in October and November, you can walk across it, although a guide is required. It should be noted that access to the island is restricted from March to May due to high water levels.


Livingstone Museum

Zambia: The Perfect Destination for an Adventure 2023

Livingstone Museum. Source.


The superb Livingstone Museum is the country’s oldest, largest, and greatest museum. It was established in 1934.

There are sections on archaeology, history, ethnography, and natural history. Its collection of actual David Livingstone artefacts (including signed letters), tribal relics (ranging from bark cloth to witchcraft exhibitions), a life-sized replica of an African village, wildlife displays, and depiction of modern-day Zambian history are highlights.


Shiwa House

Zambia: The Perfect Destination for an Adventure 2023

Shiwa House. Source.


The major lure to the region is the bizarre sight of Shiwa House, a large English-style house that appears out of nowhere in rural Zambia. 

The deteriorating great home constructed on a beautiful lawn in the 1920s is filled with ancient family artefacts, photos, and anecdotes. There are guided tours of the estate (or a self-directed option with a brochure), as well as a wildlife drive to see the property’s 24 animal species, which include puku, kudu, zebra, and wildebeest.

Shiwa is also a popular birding destination, with over 380 species documented here, including long-toed fluff tails, palm-nut vultures, and pygmy geese, herons, and kingfishers near the lake.

Animal enthusiasts should be informed that it also functions as a game lodge, although this is not something you will encounter during your stay.

It’s 6 kilometres off the Great North Road.


Wildlife Discovery Centre

Zambia: The Perfect Destination for an Adventure 2023

Wildlife Discovery Centre, Zambia. Source.


This institution was established on the outskirts of town by Game Rangers International (a Zambian conservationist NGO), which just relocated the elephant nursery from Lilayi Lodge in 2022 and works with rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned elephants in Kafue National Park. 


They are open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. seven days a week, and elephant viewing is available daily from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. Adult admission is $15; costs vary for residents and citizens. 


The institute also provides sponsored ‘Kids for Conservation’ programmes for Zambian students from underserved schools.

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park

Zambia: The Perfect Destination for an Adventure 2023

Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park. Source


There are two portions to this park: the Victoria Falls region and the wildlife region. The latter is barely 3 kilometres southwest of Livingstone and is well known for its white rhino herd, that can be explored on foot. Anti-poaching rangers accompany rhinos around the clock to ensure their safety.


They can only be seen as part of a pre-arranged excursion (US$80 per person, including park fees and hotel transfers) with Livingstone Rhino Tours or Savannah Southern Safaris.


Other creatures in the park include elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffalo, and numerous antelope species, some of which you may spot while driving between town and the falls.



Zambia is an adventure enthusiast’s dream. Whether you love to raft, climb, hike, or bike, there is a way for you to enjoy it for days on end all throughout the serene, charming country. 


While driving the south-eastern portion of the country, the rains seem like they have just ended and wild animals have begun to move from their hideouts into spots nearer to human habitation. 


It’s a spectacular sight to behold, and you can bet that after your body is tired from hiking and rafting in the game parks you’ll be inspired by Zambia, so don’t miss out. 


Be sure to check out Zambia as your next adventure getaway on our website, Ehis Travels.

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