Terms and Conditions


By filling the form on the Ehis Travels contest signup page, https://ehistravels.com/win-a-free-all-expense-paid-trip-to-dubai/, you agree to be bound by the following terms;

1. That you are signing up for the sole purpose of contesting to win our All Expense Paid Trip to Dubai contest.

2. That you will respect the contest guidelines which are;

To qualify for the contest,

a. You must fill the form at
b. You must create a one-minute video: In this video, you will introduce yourself, tell a little about Ehis Travels and why you should be voted. This video should not be longer than one minute and must not be more than 20MB in size.

c. Upload the video to the form at https://ehistravels.com/contest-video-submissions/.

d. The team at Ehis Travels reserve the right to disapprove your submitted video if found to violate any of our guidelines or derails from purpose of the contest or guidelines.

e. Your video must NOT promote any other brand other Ehis Travels.

f. The video must tell a little about you.

g. The video must not include any kind of link, caption, call to action, branding, or anything of the likes.

h. It must ONLY use words that are decent for all audience types.

i. It must NOT run down or talk down other brands including our competitors.


3. Communications

We will send you updates, tips, limited time offers, discount offers and lots more when the need arises via email, WhatsApp, SMS and or any other platform of ours.

4. We reserve the rights to brand your videos and reuse them as we deem appropriate in a responsible manner.

5. Qualifying for Phase 2

To qualify for the phase 2 of this contest, a contestant will have to earn at least 300 votes (likes) on his/her video on our page.

Also, for the likes/votes on a video to count, the persons who vote/like a contestant’s video must also follow Ehis Travels on Instagram.


6. We reserve the right to disqualify any contestant if we find him/her engaged in voting fraud by using robots or fake accounts to garner votes.

7. Winning

At the end of phase 2, the contestant with the highest number of votes at phase 2 only will be declared the winner of the contest and will be awarded the All Expense Paid trip to Dubai.

However, the winner must also garner a minimum of 500 votes at the phase 2 only, aside receiving the highest number of votes, to be declared the winner.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at contest@ehistravels.com