10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

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Africa is a continent with endless sights and experiences, and yet home to luxurious affordable countries you don’t have to spend all your money on expensive hotels and flights in order to travel there. Africa is the second-largest and second-most-populous continent on earth, with 54 countries to be exact. 

The wildlife on this continent is one of the most beautiful in the world—and it’s also home to some of our favourite destinations.

Africa has been a popular tourist destination for centuries, but it wasn’t until recent years that travel became affordable for most people around the globe. 

Today you can visit all kinds of wonderful places on this stunning continent: from beaches in Egypt to deserts in Namibia or Mali; from lush forests in Kenya or Congo; from historic cities like Cape Town (South Africa) or Oyo (Nigeria).

Here are ten beautiful/luxurious and yet affordable countries in Africa 

1. Morocco

Cheap Travels: The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

Marrakech-Souk. Source:Marrakech accomodations


Morocco is the first country on our list because it has an affordable price tag and a lot to offer for tourists. Morocco is a beautiful country with different attractions that make it worth visiting even if you’re not planning on staying long term.

The city of Marrakech is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Morocco and features some amazing sights like Hassan II Mosque and Jemaa El Fna Square (the largest square in Africa). If you want something less touristy but still awesome, try visiting Ouarzazate or Chefchaouen instead!

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2. Zimbabwe

The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

Victoria Falls. Source: Pinterest


Zimbabwe is an amazing country to visit. It has a lot of history; the Stone Age cultures of 500,000 years ago can still be found here in this amazing country, and this beautiful country has undergone three name changes over the years before finally arriving at its current name which is the Republic of Zimbabwe.

This intriguing country uses the United States Dollar as its legal tender due to the hyperinflation that affected the country years back

Zimbabwe also has some of the best wildlife in Africa, and you can also see animals such as elephants and rhinos.


3. Ethiopia

The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

The Danakil Depression. Source:Matadornetwork


Ethiopia is a safe, affordable and beautiful country to visit. It’s also one of the most culturally diverse countries in Africa and home to some of its oldest civilizations. The landlocked nation covers over 9% of Africa’s total landmass but has only 2% of its population; with an estimated population of over 92 million people, it’s one of the fastest growing economies on Earth!

Ethiopia offers plenty for travellers looking for adventure: from ancient history sites like Axum (the capital city), Addis Ababa or Gondar; through traditional markets like Yirgacheffe coffee plantations or Omo Valley salt flats; to experiencing first-hand what life was like back then you would need to visit ancient sites such as  Debre Libanos Monastery where you can see how people lived centuries ago through artifacts found there today!

4. Uganda

The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

The Ssese Islands, Hidden Gems in Uganda (Image Courtesy)


Uganda is one of the most beautiful and yet one of the most affordable countries to visit in Africa. It’s a landlocked country in East Africa, with a population of over 37 million people and an area of 587,200 square kilometres.

Uganda has been known as one of the most popular destinations for safaris due to its rich natural resources and diverse scenery. The country also has several national parks which offer amazing wildlife sightings such as lions, elephants and rhinos.

The most famous wildlife sanctuary in Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park which covers about 50% of Lake Victoria’s surface area along with other lakes like Kazinga Channel within it! This makes it one of the few places where you can see both African elephants and Asian elephants plus other large mammals such as buffaloes), leopards along with primates like baboons 

5. Angola

The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

Bay of Luanda Waterfront. Source:Pinterest


Angola is a country in Southern Africa that borders the Gulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean and Namibian Sea. Located on the continent’s western edge near the equator, it shares borders with Namibia to its north; Zambia to its east; Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to its south; Zambia again via Kinshasa before being bordered by DRC again at Ubunga-Konga River confluence where it joins Congo River just before entering Cunene River which takes them into South Africa.

Angola’s temperatures ranges from 20 °C – 29 °C during summers, making Angola one of those countries where you can find great wildlife viewing opportunities but also warm waters for surfing enthusiasts.

For those, interested in fish hunting or diving around coral reefs located off the coastlines where divers can enjoy underwater life like manta rays while snorkellers will find plenty of fish species swimming around them as well as other marine animals such as seals which live within estuaries closely swamps too!

6. Niger

The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

Agadez. Source:thecrazytourist


Niger is a landlocked country in Western Africa. It has a population of just over 20 million people and has a GDP per capita of less than $1,000. The capital city, Niamey, is known for its modern architecture and thriving economy. Niger is also home to the Niger River which is clearer than the Nile river.

A dinosaur was discovered in Niger, believed to have been there around 115 to 105 million years ago. It was named Nigersaurus.

Niger’s main industries are agriculture and mining (mostly uranium).

7. Tanzania

The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

Zanzibar. Source:kayak.com


Tanzania is a great place to visit. It has a wide variety of tourist attractions, including the Serengeti National Park and Lake Victoria. The country is also home to Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa (19,341 feet) and the beautiful archipelago known as Zanzibar.

Tanzania has one of the cheapest economies on this list, with an average income per capita of $500 USD per year. This makes it easy for travellers from all over the world who want to travel cheaply but still enjoy quality accommodations and good weather all year round!

8. Rwanda

Cheap Travels: The Top 10 Affordable Countries to Visit in Africa

Kigali Rwanda. Source:Wikipedia


Rwanda is a safe country to visit. It’s also one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, with excellent infrastructure and tourist industry. The weather here is warm year round and there are good accommodation options for travellers looking for something more than basic accommodation in this African nation.

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9. Madagascar

Is Madagascar A Tourist Destination? 7 Places to Visit This Christmas

Marojejy National Park. Source: Travel to Madagascar


Madagascar is a great place to visit, and it’s even cheaper than some of the other countries on this list. You’ll find that your money goes further here than in some of those pricier destinations. The people are friendly and welcoming, the food is delicious, there are many tourist sites (including zoos), and you can even get away from it all by going on an all-inclusive holiday!

Madagascar also has plenty of options for accommodation, so you can pick where you want to stay based on what suits your budget best.

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10. Nigeria

Obudu Cattle Ranch. Source:Buzz Nigeria


Nigeria is a country well known for its natural landmarks and wildlife sanctuaries. Not only that, it’s a great country that has a lot to offer: wonderful wildlife, glorious mountains, great forests and beautiful cities. You can also draw inspiration from the Nigerian passion and love for partying.

If you trust what you see or hear about Nigeria in the media, you are probably missing out on some amazing opportunities to learn what the rich culture is really like.

it’s thriving nightlife with an abundance of natural landmarks, local and international restaurants and a bustling world-renowned entertainment scene, there is never a dull moment.


As you can see, there are many ways to travel through Africa. The most important thing is to plan ahead and make sure that your trip is going to be as affordable as possible. You should always look at the affordable options first, before considering something more expensive.

Africa is the best continent to visit in terms of safety and wildlife. It has a wealth of natural beauty and an abundance of culture that will make your holiday memorable.


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