10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

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Travelling is often seen as a luxury, but there are so many budget friendly destinations to see and things to do. Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, there’s always something that can be done at any resort or in any country.

Without further ado, here is the list of Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations For Travellers.


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Budapest, Hungary. Source: Global Grasshoper


Hungary is a beautiful country with a rich history and a lot of affordable accommodation options, making it a budget friendly destination for both travellers and investors. It’s also a great place for hiking and cycling, so you can get some exercise while exploring the countryside.

There are many festivals and events happening throughout the year in Hungary, including the outdoor music festival Sziget that takes place on an island in Lake Balaton every summer, and the food is amazing as well!


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Cancun, Mexico. Source: Bookaweb


Mexico is a popular budget friendly destination for travellers.

Mexico is a great place to learn Spanish, which can be helpful if you decide to stay on longer than your original plan. The country also has some great archaeological sites and museums that are worth exploring.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Mexico’s warm climate makes it ideal for both winter and summer vacations.

If you’re travelling during cooler months (December-March), consider visiting Chiapas or Oaxaca instead of Cancún or Quintana Roo—the latter two are often too crowded during this time period due to their proximity with tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta and Merida (which tend towards being more expensive).


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Bangkok, Thailand. Source: Abercrombie & Kent


Thailand is another budget friendly destination for travellers, and it’s easy to see why, the country is famous for its beautiful beaches, friendly people and delicious food.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind in Thailand’s natural beauty then make sure you visit from December through February as this is when most of the island resorts are closed down for Christmas holidays. 

This can be frustrating if you want to immerse yourself in authentic Thai culture, so consider visiting during other times of year instead!

Thailand offers a variety of activities including elephant trekking (which we recommend!) as well as massage therapy at various hotel locations throughout the country.

Bali, Indonesia

Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Bali, Indonesia. Source: Hotels.com


Bali is a great budget friendly destination for travellers, and it’s also the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday where you can relax on the beach with your loved ones, this is your best bet!


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Lisbon, Portugal. Source:Program Finder


Portugal is great for travellers looking for a budget friendly destination to spend time in.

Located in Southern Europe and bordered by Spain, France and Gibraltar, it’s easy to visit this country because of its rich history and culture.

Portugal has amazing beaches that are perfect for swimming or sunbathing during your trip to Portugal.

The food here is delicious too! Whether you like fresh seafood or local dishes made with olive oil and garlic (and sometimes paprika) – there will be something on their menu that you’ll enjoy eating while on holiday in Portugal.


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Barcelona, Spain. Source: Pixabay


Spain is a great destination for travellers, and it’s budget friendly. This country has some of the best beaches in Europe, and it’s home to some beautiful cities.

You can also learn Spanish here, too! Since it’s the home of the language itself.

It’s also popular with backpackers who want to see as much as possible during their holiday.


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Taj Mahal, New Delhi, India. Source:Pexels


India is a budget friendly destination, with plenty of things to do and see. The country offers many different cultures, climates and foods that you’ll love visiting. One of the best things about India is its rich history.

You can explore museums that showcase ancient artefacts from around the world or visit monuments built by various empires throughout history like those found at Delhi’s Jama Masjid mosque or Khajuraho temple complex in Madhya Pradesh state.

Another great thing about travelling through India is how affordable it is compared to other countries on this list! With so many cheap hotels available around major cities like Delhi, Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), there are plenty of places where you can stay while exploring these destinations without spending too much money beforehand either through airfare tickets alone or other transportation costs like taxis/auto rickshaws etcetera).


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Croatia. Source:Olivertravels


Discover Croatia, a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. It’s also one of the best budget friendly destinations for beach holidays, with beaches in all shapes and sizes.

Croatia has many beautiful islands, where you can swim or sunbathe on hot sand. There are plenty of cultural sights to see in Croatia as well: from ancient towns like Dubrovnik to famous spots like Plitvice Lakes National Park; from castles like Kastel Stari mostar (the oldest fortress in Europe) to museums filled with relics from ancient times; from churches built into mountainsides (like Sveti Ilija) that look straight down into valleys below them—all these things make this destination worth visiting!

And don’t forget about food! There’s no shortage of delicious treats here either—try some burek while enjoying your stay at Hotel Čaršija or try some seafood dishes when visiting Šibenik Marina Beach Resort & Spa


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Turkey. Source: Planetofhotels


Turkey is a budget friendly destination for travellers with a lot of history, culture and natural beauty to offer. It’s also very friendly, so you’ll be able to meet lots of great people while you’re there.

Turkey has some of the cheapest accommodation in Europe: many hotels are around $50 per night (or less). You can find hostels that are even cheaper than that, at around $20-$25 per night (and you can often get rooms without breakfast). 

Food is another area where you’ll find plenty of bargains: fruit sold on street corners will cost about 20% less than in other parts of Europe; meals should cost between 10-15% less than what would be expected elsewhere; even fast food shops may have lower prices than their counterparts elsewhere in Europe! Transport costs will also be lower here because public transport isn’t as efficient as it is elsewhere—so if possible, try walking instead!


Top 10 Budget Friendly Destinations for Travellers

Batad, Philipines. Source:Bemytravelsmuse


The Philippines is a beautiful country with a lot of history, culture and budget friendly destinations. There are many things to do in the Philippines, including beaches and hiking trails.

 The Philippines has been around for thousands of years; it was colonized by Spain in 1521 and then later became independent of Spain after World War II.

It’s still very much an island nation today—so don’t expect to find any cars on its roads or skyscrapers towering above you while travelling this part of Southeast Asia.

Instead, you’ll have access to some great seafood dishes along with traditional Filipino cooking techniques like coconut milk cooking method used here at home as well as other local dishes like adobo chicken stewed overnight before serving hot off stovetop, so it’s juicy inside instead of cold outside like most other chicken stews out there right now.”

Travelling doesn’t have to be bank-breaking.

It’s possible to experience a budget friendly destination with an amazing experience by saving money and by travelling off-season, staying in a hostel or Airbnb instead of a hotel, and eating food from your own kitchen.

There are also plenty of ways you can save money by doing your own research ahead of time:

  • Research if there are cheaper things that could work for you (for example, staying in hostels rather than hotels).
  • Look up websites like Ehis Travels for more information on budget friendly trips.
  • Check out reviews from other travellers who’ve stayed at similar places before, so you know what kind of quality they offer.


You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a trip if you’re looking for something affordable. You can find the perfect budget-friendly location with these suggestions, which will help save you money while still enjoying all the sights and sounds of your destination.



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