Frugal Family Fun: Travelling With Your Family On A Budget, 2022

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Travelling with your family is one of the best experiences you can have. It allows you to connect with each other on a deeper level, and it opens up the world for everyone in your group. 

However, traveling abroad can be quite expensive if you don’t plan ahead or use some smart money-saving strategies. 

These tips will help make sure that your trip doesn’t break the bank:


Start saving early when travelling with your family

You’re going to want to start saving early so that you have time to accumulate enough money. Set a goal and stick with it, then save as much as you can.

If your savings account pays interest on your deposits, this is even better!

Figure out what you need for the trip

Passport and Travel Visa

When you’re travelling with your family to another country, it is important to have your passports. If you don’t have one, it’s a good idea to apply early so that your application can be processed and completed on time. And if you already have a passport, check the expiry date; it should not expire in the next 6 months or until you return. Also, it is better to carry a copy of your passport.

Another important requirement for international travel is a visa.

It is a stamp in your passport that allows entry into another country. However, some countries issue visas on arrival and others require you to apply in advance. Therefore, when planning you’re travelling with your family, check visa requirements and if you are unable to obtain a visa upon arrival, it is advisable to apply for a tourist visa in advance as the process may take some time because in some cases, the visa may also be denied.

Copies of all identification documents

You may need your identification documents during the trip or when checking in at your hotel, to attend events, etc.

So it’s best to bring your original documents along with a copy of your ID.

Airline tickets and proof of accommodation reservation

These may seem like obvious documents, but some people forget to bring it at the last moment. And these are the crucial documents without which you may not be able to continue your journey. In addition, it is advisable to have a digital copy of these documents. When travelling with your family to certain countries, a proof of residence may even be required at the immigration desk.

Itinerary Details

It takes a lot of time and effort to plan your itinerary and generally you need to make your reservations for accommodation and events , adventure activities , etc.

Therefore, in order to have an organized trip and visit as many places as possible in your destination country, it’s best you use the services of Ehis Travels to remove the stress.

Tickets to events during your trip

Maybe there are exciting events or adventure activities in your country / Destination country during your trip for which you make the reservation in advance. If you don’t want to miss this event, be sure to have the details handy when travelling with your family.

COVID-19 Travel Documents

If you were travelling with your family during COVID19, you may bring some additional documents, e.g. COVID-19 report, vaccination record, etc.

This requirement may vary by country and network operator.

Therefore, you should consult and verify the required documents within a few days of travelling with your family.


Travel Insurance Plan Details

Travelling with your family

Travel Insurance Form. Source: istock

Travel insurance is an important document to carry when travelling with your family to foreign countries as it can be difficult to face the uncertainties during your international journey to manage something. These adversities can even bring your journey to an abrupt halt. It is therefore in your own interest to take out travel insurance at an early stage. But even if you forget, you can apply for travel insurance through our website and get instant travel insurance that doesn’t require a prior medical exam. We would only need your basic details and preferences.

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Remember to account for foreign transaction fees

One of the biggest costs you can expect to encounter when travelling with your family abroad is foreign transaction fees. Foreign transaction fees are a hidden cost of traveling abroad and they can add up quickly.

Foreign transaction fees typically range from 1% to 3%, but it’s important to remember that these aren’t always included in your bank’s advertised exchange rate. For example, if you’re exchanging $1,000 USD at a rate of 1% plus $10 USD in foreign transaction fees and then buying something for $1,100 USD after your trip abroad (using another card), then you’ve paid an additional 10%. Those extra few dollars add up fast!

To avoid this issue altogether—and get some extra bang for your buck—try using credit cards without foreign transaction fees or better still carry a significant amount of local currency . your destination country. This way you can save on exchange and conversion fees.

Plan ahead and make reservations

You can save money by booking your trip early. 

Book your trip with a travel agency such as Ehis Travels and get value for your money, they plan your trips i.e make reservations for your accommodations, car rental etc, thereby removing the stress of doing it yourself.

If you’re traveling to a popular destination at peak times (like Christmas), it may pay off to book as far in advance as possible.


If you’re ready to take the plunge into international travel, then hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how to go about it. Whether it be saving money or planning ahead, we’ve helped you with all your needs here at Ehis Travels so that when it comes time for you to travel with your family(or even just yourself), everything will be taken care of by experts who know what they are doing.



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