11 Written and Unwritten Rules on a Flight That Will Help

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Every flight process is governed by rules and regulations. Rules on a flight must be strictly followed to ensure the safety of passengers on board the flight. These rules are the reason for the low number of plane crashes.

Some of the rules on a flight or at an airport are ethical, legal rules, and are unwritten.

Many people have had their flights cancelled, delayed and even arrested at the airport for misbehaving at airports. 

Here are some written and unwritten Rules on a flight or at an airport you should follow:


1. Don’t wander around the gate

11 Written and Unwritten Rules on a Flight That Will Help

Boarding Gate. Source: Access IS


The best way to wait for a flight is to sit until it is announced. Many people hang around at the gate, especially when their flights are slightly delayed. However, roaming does not change the waiting time.

Instead, it makes the entry process more confusing and irregular. If you’re worried about missing your flight, find a spot with a clear view of the boarding gate and pay attention to the announcements.


2. Don’t jump the queue

11 Written and Unwritten Rules on a Flight That Will Help

A Queue. Source: Picadilly


Sometimes, when you feel like you’re going to miss your flight, you might be tempted to go to the front of the queue. However, this will not work if everyone is boarding the same flight as you.

When you’re sure it’s your flight, find your seat in the back and line up like everyone else. If your flight is called, don’t try playing smart by jumping the queue. Imagine if everyone did it, it would become so chaotic that no one could control it. 


3. Don’t be late

11 Written and Unwritten Rules on a Flight That Will Help

Source: Pexels


Being late for an international flight is no fun. You have to do everything in a hurry, and even then, you will be tempted to jump the queues, and you can still miss your flight. For international flights, plan to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight, otherwise you may have to pay to transfer to a later flight.


4. Do not hide your travel documents

11 Written and Unwritten Rules on a Flight That Will Help

Source: Pexels


Just as it is important to keep your travel documents safe while travelling, it is equally important to have them available at the airport.

You can be asked about it in several places before the trip, so as not to delay everyone or even yourself by digging deep into your bag every single time, always have your passport and boarding pass ready at the airport. 


5. Take airport security very seriously

11 Written and Unwritten Rules on a Flight That Will Help

Airport Security. Source: Aviation Metric


Airport security does a very serious job. They screen an average of 2 million passengers a day. During the screening, they hunt down terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals of all kind. It doesn’t seem like a job to be taken lightly.

So be direct when you answer their questions and don’t try to joke. Also, don’t try to smuggle contraband through them. Some of these smuggled goods can lead to your arrest if caught.

A list of generally prohibited items is displayed around the inspection area. Before you show up for screening, go through this list and make sure you don’t have any of these items in your hand luggage. 

If you can’t give it to a friend or family member to take home, any contraband found on you will be thrown in the trash. 


6. Move to the side of the line to pack your bag

Sometimes the security staff will search your bag so thoroughly that everything inside will come out by the time they are done. At such moments, some people sometimes decide to rearrange the bag, taking a place in the queue.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, go to the end of the conveyor belt before you start rearranging. One way to prevent your bag from being opened is to make sure all of your electronics, such as tablets, laptops and phones, are out of the bag and into the tray before submitting your bags for inspection.

Remember to collect your belongings when you get to the other side of the line. You’d be surprised how many people forget!


7. Don’t panic

There are many disappointments waiting for you at the airport. Your flight may be delayed or, even worse, cancelled. Some people get frustrated at such moments and take out their anger on airport staff and flight attendants.

For the most part, these employees have nothing to do with delays and cancellations, and if you don’t control your temper, the flight attendants can kick you off the plane before takeoff.


8. Drink only bottled water

This means you should not drink coffee, tea or anything made with water on the plane. The water quality on the plane is poor, so it is better to ask for bottled water, soft drinks and juice.


9. Don’t get drunk

If you are drunk while travelling by plane, you can do something that will get you arrested upon arrival, and even if you avoid arrest, remember that you still have to go through immigration and claim your luggage, and to complete this process you need to be sober.


10. Don’t eat from the seat back tray.

These continue to serve millions of people. They cannot be clean. If food falls on the tray, treat it like food that fell on the floor and throw it in the trash.


11. Take a little walk

Many people make the mistake of sitting in one place for the entire flight. This is a bad idea for long flights.

As soon as the pilot turns off the seat belt sign, get up and walk a little, otherwise sitting for hours in one place risks the formation of a blood clot. When the aisles are clear, get up and walk around a bit, and be sure to wear loose clothing during the flight to avoid blood clots.

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