Family Christmas in the Maldives: A Perfect Getaway 2023

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Family Christmas vacations are always a great way to get everyone together and have fun during the holiday season. It can be hard to find something that everyone will enjoy, though. For example, you might have grandparents who prefer to spend their time sightseeing, while younger cousins might want to spend more time at the beach or poolside.

Planning a family Christmas in the Maldives might be exactly what you need to make everyone happy! This tropical paradise offers plenty of options for fun and relaxation, even if your family has different interests.

Being an island nation dominated by water sports, tourism here strictly depends on dry weather conditions, and hence December to April is the best time to visit the Maldives.

The Maldives has also changed drastically in the last 10 years, and the inhabited islands have become better and more family friendly.

Dotted with luxurious overwater villas and endless swaying palm groves, this postcard-perfect fusion of blue, white and green is a true paradise on earth.

Check out this Breath taking places this holiday:


Mind-Blowing Locations in the Maldives

After surviving a long flight and many time zones, you will come to discover that this place is out of this world. The culture, the people and more than likely how people live here is just incredible. Plus it offers something different for your family.


If you plan on making it here for a special occasion, whether its family Christmas or New Year’s Eve – there is enough to do for weeks! Whether its island hopping, spa treatments galore or tours – take it all in because after being cooped up in flights for hours on end your first reaction will be ‘I want MORE!’

As we said earlier, there are nearly 1,200 islands in The Maldives.

You can’t see them all in one trip, but you can try. These locations were picked for their beauty and potential to make your visit memorable.




Family Christmas in the Maldives: A Perfect Getaway 2023

Thiladhunmathee. Source: traveltrade


This island is located between Male and Maafushi islands, and it has been described as “a gem” by Lonely Planet. Its main attraction is its stunning beaches that stretch over several kilometres long, with white sand and crystal clear waters (which are ideal for snorkelling).

Family Christmas in the Maldives: A Perfect Getaway 2023

Snorkelling. Source: Maldive Islands



Family Christmas in the Maldives: A Perfect Getaway 2023

Maafushi. Source: trip.com


Maafushi Island is the capital of Maafushi Atoll and has a population of around 5,000. It’s a great place to relax and unwind with your family as there are plenty of restaurants, bars and accommodations available.

If you want to enjoy some sunbathing on this Christmas in the Maldives, then this is definitely one of your best options. There are also many hotels and resorts that offer accommodation options if you’re looking for something more luxurious than staying at one of the local guest houses or bungalows (which can be quite basic).


Cocoa Island

Family Christmas in the Maldives: A Perfect Getaway 2023

Coca Island. Source: Audely Travel


Cocoa Island is a small island in the Maldives. The island is located in the North Male Atoll and has a population of about 150 people. It also has a resort and diving school, which makes it one of the most popular resort destinations in the country.

The island was once used for growing cocoa beans, but today it’s home to many coral reefs where divers can discover hidden treasures such as seahorses or whale sharks!



Family Christmas in the Maldives: A Perfect Getaway 2023

Dharavandhoo. Source: Pexel


Dharavandhoo is a small island known for its beautiful beaches. This island has a special place in the hearts of families because of its pink sand and clear water that makes it an ideal location for swimming and snorkelling. Dharavandhoo is also famous for its popular beach bars and restaurants, where your family can enjoy their favourite food while relaxing on these shores.

Dharavandhoo is situated in the southern part of Male Atoll, which makes it one of the most visited places during weekends or other holidays when people flock here from all over the country to enjoy some peace and quiet amidst nature’s beauty at its best!



Hakuraa Huraa Island

11 Breath Taking Places To See In The Maldives, This Year.

Hakuraa Huraa Island. Source:Tripadvisor


Hakuraa Huraa Island is a natural paradise located in the Laamu Atoll. It’s also known as “The Gateway to the Maldives,” and it can only be reached by boat from Thoddoo Island. The island’s inhabitants are of Kanjhi descent, who speak their own dialect of Malé Malége.

You’ll see so many coconut trees on this island, cars are not allowed on it or any other form of transportation (except boats).

.Hakuraa Huraa is famous for its natural beauty, with white sand beaches surrounding clear blue waters that provide an ideal setting for swimming or snorkeling activities during your stay here!



Fulidhoo Island

Family Christmas in the Maldives: A Perfect Getaway 2023

Fulidhoo Island: Source: Pexels


Fulidhoo Island is a small island in the North Male Atoll.

It is famous for its white sandy beaches, which are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

The island has a population of around 300 people, and it’s known as the island of the wind because it has so many different types of winds blowing through it during different seasons.

In the winter months, you’ll find yourself surrounded by calm waters with only some gentle waves breaking into view here and there; while in summer when temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit), there will be some strong winds blowing offshore that can make your hair stand on end!

Fulidhoo’s other big attraction is its underwater world, where divers can explore coral reefs that stretch out over 100 meters deep!


Thoddoo Island

11 Breath Taking Places To See In The Maldives, This Year.

Palm trees road, Thoddoo Island. Source: Adobe stock


Laamu Atoll, Thoddoo Island, is an island in the Maldives. It is located in the Laamu atoll, which is the northernmost atoll of the Maldives.

The island has a population of 2,000 people living on it and belongs to Thoddoo village, which was settled by foreigners who came from Sri Lanka during British rule.

Thoddoo Island has natural beauty with white sand beaches and clear water surrounding it that makes it one of best places for diving or snorkelling tours in this country.


The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with natural beauty and amazing culture. If you want to experience this paradise with your family this Christmas make sure to book your trip with us, and we’ll make it happen.

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